A Foobar2000 component for skipping bad tracks

The purpose

Are you a Foobar2000 user? If yes, it must have annoyed you that FB2k always stops playback if it comes to play a dead track - an entry in playlist, that still exists, but a file that it refers to has been deleted or moved. A dead track produces output like this in the FB2k console:
INFO (CORE) : opening file for playback :
INFO (CORE) : location: "file://D:\!DOMINIKA\Mozart - Turkish March.mp3" (0)
ERROR (CORE) : error opening file for playback :
INFO (CORE) : location: "file://D:\!DOMINIKA\Mozart - Turkish March.mp3" (0)
I don't state that halting playback on error isn't useful as an option; it very often is, but it should be possible to disable it somewhere in the configuration, and it definitely isn't a good feature for a jukebox, which is an often application of FB2k. For now, there is no option in FB2k's preferences for disabling halt-on-error feature, and that's why foo_skipbad was created.


Just get the archive, unpack it and copy the foo_skipbad.dll file to Components subdirectory of FB2k's main directory. Then start FB2k, go to Foobar 2000 -> Preferences in menu (Ctrl+P) and choose Components in the list on the left. Then search for "SkipBad 1.0 (foo_skipbad)" in Found Components frame. If you've found it then it's allright, the component is properly installed and works; if not - check if you've properly followed the preceding procedure.


Plugin made by GDR!. Big thanks to Holger Stenger for FB2k plugin creation tutorial.